Bredent dental implants utilize the German SKY fast & fixed treatment, offering fast and efficient solutions for patients needing partial or complete dental restoration.

Main features:

  • Fast Procedure: With SKY fast & fixed, patients can get a new smile in just one day, through procedures like extraction, implant placement, and temporary restoration.
  • German Quality and Durability: Developed in Germany, this treatment ensures excellent implant stability, allowing insertion regardless of bone density. The connection between the implant and prosthetic elements is made with high-precision technology (e.g., torx), guaranteeing performance and safety.
  • Positive Life Impact: SKY fast & fixed transforms patients' lives, allowing them to get rid of issues caused by removable dentures, dental pain, and aesthetic problems. The treatment contributes to increased self-confidence, rejuvenation, adopting a healthy diet, and improving social life.
  • International Reputation and Extensive Experience: Bredent, the manufacturer behind SKY fast & fixed, has been present in the international dental market for nearly 50 years. With over 1.6 million satisfied patients, Bredent is recognized for innovation and offering adaptable, safe, and effective solutions.

In conclusion, bredent and the SKY fast & fixed treatment represent a top choice for those looking for a quick and quality solution for oral restoration, focusing on comfort, aesthetics, and long-term health and lifestyle benefits.

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Using the German SKY fast & fixed treatment, patients missing partial or complete dentition - on one or both arches - can regain their smile following procedures (extraction, implant, and temporary restoration) that take just one day. Although it's hard to imagine for someone suffering due to their teeth, all these problems can be resolved in a single day following a painless, comfortable, and completely safe intervention. The smile is part of our personality, and SKY fast & fixed restores it in just one day.

What is SKY fast & fixed

bredent SKY Fast and Fixed

SKY fast & fixed by bredent is the "immediate loading" treatment concept that has seen the most significant evolution in Romania in the last 12 years, due to its quality and long-term durability, transparent cost, and easy maintenance. Developed in Germany, the SKY fast & fixed treatment ensures excellent implant stability and allows insertion, regardless of bone density. The connection between the implant and prosthetic elements is highly effective and secure, thanks to an anti-rotational element used in high-performance technology (torx, used in precision industries such as aerospace).

The more than 1.6 million patients who now have new dentures thanks to the SKY fast & fixed treatment have stepped into the next stage of their lives, where they can fully enjoy life without the worry of unattractive dentures or toothaches. The SKY fast & fixed treatment is internationally recognized and has been used to restore the smiles of hundreds of thousands of patients worldwide. Depending on the case and the attending doctor's recommendation, SKY fast & fixed means an average of 4 implants for the lower jaw and 6 implants for the upper jaw.

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How my life changes following a SKY fast & fixed dental implant

  • I get rid of the discomfort caused by a removable prosthesis
  • I get rid of toothaches, bad breath, and dental problems
  • I get rid of aesthetic issues and regain my self-confidence and appearance
  • I look younger
  • I can adopt a healthy diet, which positively affects other body functions (e.g., fiber consumption has beneficial effects on energy levels)
  • I can enjoy socializing and life

About bredent group Romania

Bredent group Romania is a subsidiary of the main German implantology product manufacturer bredent GmbH & Co.KG. It has been present in the international dental market for nearly 50 years, constantly innovating and striving to find adaptable, safe, and effective solutions for implants and immediate loading treatments.

Frequently asked questions

Bredent implants are produced in Germany.

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